VR Space Mission
Wanna know how it was for the first man walking on the Moon? You can now by installing this virtual reality game. You don't need any joypad to play our game. Game works with all VR glasses like Google Cardboard, DODOcase, Durovis Dive etc.
• supports VR Headsets (Google Cardboard, DODOcase, and Durovis Dive)
• no touch controls needed
• models from NASA(space shuttle, satellites, astronauts )
• authentic sounds from the first landing on the Moon

Note: This app requires a VR headset (Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Dodocase VR, VRelia GO, Homido, Gear VR) for best results. If the player view drifting, place your device on a flat, non-moving surface for 20 seconds . The drift should be gone!

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