This game was created for the Global Archiact Jam.
Made by team John Choi and Daniel Hua.

Third Party Art Assets
"Aoi", "Taichi", "Honoka" - Game Asset Studio
"SciFi Enemies and Vehicles" - Popup Asylum
"Yughues Free Rocks" - Nobiax / Yughues
"Cactus Pack" - Sandro Tatinashvili
"33 SciFi Skyscrapers" - 3DRT
"Humpback Whale" - janpec
"4 Guns" - Psionic Games
"Spider Robot" - T-bull
"Beech Tree" - Nagashi
"htc" - tudor2

Sounds effects from The Game Creators

Music by Kevin Macleod
"Destiny Day", "The Complex"
Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Special Thanks
CMU Game Creation Society
Archiact Game Jam

Virtual reality, while it shares many commonalities with modern video games, has some key distinctions which make it truly a different medium. With virtual reality, it is more about the experience, rather than the gameplay. With this in mind, our focus is towards enveloping the player in a different world, with visuals that evoke a sense of wonder and awe. In the spirit of the early Japanese Role Playing Games, Project Codetta is an adventure where you enter the digital world inside your smartphone.

Step-by-step instructions
1) Install ProjectCodetta.apk.
2) Run the app. You should see a title screen.
4) Tap once. Connect your Bluetooth controller.
5) Tap again. Connect your Cardboard.
6) Optional: Connect headphones.
7) You should now be in the digital world.

(Note: You may need to restart the game after installation.)

-Joystick: Move around | Menu select
-Gyroscope: Look around.
-Button 1: Select

This is an experimental game developed for a hackathon. It should not be considered a complete product and support will be minimal at best. While this app has been tested on several devices, it is not guaranteed to run on all of them. The creators of this app are not responsible for any damages to any persons or property from the use of this application - use at your own risk.