Welcome to HEADBATT, UNIT9’s addictive Cardboard game!

HEADBATT is an 80's style bat and ball game with a virtual reality twist: your head becomes the batt! Tilt your head left and right to hit the ball past your opponent and score points. HEADBATT includes a remote multi-player mode so that you can play with a friend who lives in a different city or even on a different continent with Google Cardboard. In single-player mode, you play against an AI opponent. HEADBATT is a labour of love that began life as a Christmas party project at UNIT9, before evolving into its current shape. Happy batting!

“Given the simple nature of Pong and the immersive atmosphere of HeadBatt, it’s fair to say that the latter is far more engaging” - THE MEMO

How to play HEADBATT:

1. Assemble Google Cardboard
2. Install Headbatt on your Android phone
3. Open Google+ and invite a friend if you want to play in “Multiplayer mode”
4. Or just play in “Single player” against an AI opponent
5. Place your phone in the Cardboard when the countdown starts
6. Tilt your head to the sides to control the batt
7. Score points by hitting the opponent’s field
8. Have fun!

*Works with Google Cardboard