VR Battletank
Navigate through a minimal world, avoiding obstacles and trying to shoot other tanks, missile, and flying saucers before they get you.

You can look around freely, but the tank has a maximum turn speed. Movement and firing will always occur in the direction of the targeting reticle.

Use the radar at the top of the screen to quickly locate your enemies.

You start with 5 tanks. You earn an extra tank at 15,000 and 100,000 points.

Cardboard Controller
Tilt Viewer Left/Right - Turn Left/Right
Rotate Viewer Left/Right - Turn To Face Camera Direction
Tilt Viewer Forward/Backward - Move Forward/Backward
Trigger - Fire
Tilt Viewer 90° Clockwise - Pause

OUYA Controller:
Head Tracking - Look around
Left Stick Up/Down - Move Left Track Forward/Backward
Right Stick Up/Down - Move Right Track Forward/Backward
O Button - Fire
LB Button - Recenter Camera
RB Button - Pause