Chemistry Experiment VR
Chemistry experiment VR is a proof of concept for a bigger project on Scientific outreach and education. Get in, mess up, learn up.
Focused on the chemistry field of science, you will be able to listen about some of the concept, and even see an example of a typical exercise of chemistry (obtaining a buffer solution for pH).
Because science is hard (nature is the most complex things you can dare to understand) you will have total freedom to interact with objects around you, don't private yourself of having some fun from time to time if you need a break(my favorite pastime in the lab is throwing away the office chair) , there lies some surprises inside the lab if you explore it.
Future iterations will expand this project into a science laboratory for all the fields of Science.

A VR experience by Carlos Ginés Vázquez
Student at Faculty of Biology, University of Seville (Spain)
Contact: [email protected]