Trooper 2 (VR)
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14 levels of non-stop Shoot 'em Up action! You are Trooper, an average soldier in the middle of a place you'd rather not be. They're green and they're pissed, and you have no idea why.

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Features 4 awe-inspiring bosses, and fast-paced action happening all around you in 360 degrees. Put on your headphones and Google Cardboard headset, and stand up to the fight (quite literally, see below).

Trooper 2 uses the magnetic trigger available on most Google Cardboard headsets, or optionally the "Fire1" button on external controllers.

Programmer's note: Use the first 5 levels as warm-up for tougher levels. Tactical advice is to prioritize the closest green things first, and disperse mobs. Enjoy!

Stand up! I highly recommend standing up and physically turning around to shoot. That'll also give you a significant skill advantage due to instinctive peripheral reflexes. Please be careful not to hit real-world things around you. 3D sound through headphones will add to the instinctive awareness.


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