Amusement Island VR
Welcome to Amusement Island VR. A place, where you can experience the fun and the craziness of a tropic island in Virtual Reality. Just put on your VR Headset, and start your adventure. Collect coins that are spread throughout all of the island to get a chance to use all of the attraction experiences: the crazy roller coaster, zip-line, jet ski and diving. All of this is combined in a sunny island by the beach, where, among other attractions, you can also experience the tropical wilderness and nature.


-Amazing environment.

-Exciting VR attraction experiences.

-Feel the sense of adrenaline.

-3D Sound effects

- Roller Caster

- Zip-Line

- Jet Ski

- Diving

Use headphones for better experience...

You can play the game with following headsets - Google Cardboard, Homido, Fibrum, Merge VR, Go4D, Baofeng Mojing