Intugame Gear VR
We stream any of your PC games to your mobile in stereoscopic 3D!

We can offer you a key to install a Gear VR version integrated with the Oculus menu and improved performance!
Let us know if you are interested to try it at [email protected], because we have a limited number of keys we can give out for now!

This app is targeted only for Samsung Gear VR users. If you don't have this headset please use Intugame VR instead!
This version is limited to 10 minutes game play!

What do you need to use our app
1. Samsung Gear VR.
2. You need to install our software on your desktop PC from (there is installer that will create desktop and start menu shortcut for Intugame VR)
3. Start the app on PC and in the Settings select Samsung Gear VR as headset.
4. Start your game in windowed mode if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.
5. Make sure both your PC and mobile are connected to the same WIFI network.
6. Start our mobile app, you will see a message to insert your device into your Gear VR.
7. Put the device in the headset, it will connect automatically to the PC and you will see the game screen.

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This version is limited to 10 minutes game play. If it works for you support us and buy the premium version with unlimited game play. We continue working and improving this product.

- If the app does not start - contact us on [email protected] to get a key for native Oculus version, the native Oculus version will also run faster
- If you get black screen on the device - check you start the game in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode.
- On a laptop if the PC app closes on connect - try to use the integrated graphic card (disable the dedicated graphic card).
- To reduce lag - you can try connect a cable with the PC