VR Bike - Racing in VR
Presenting VR version of Sports Bike Championship 2016 (VR SBC-2K16). VR Bike Championship is VR racing simulator that lets you play and feel the closest as you can actually riding the most powerful super bikes in virtual reality. Now enjoy thrill of fast paced bike racing and handling speedy bikes through most challenging racing tracks in virtual reality and prove that you are best brutal bike racer in international bike racing festival.

Discover the new game physics in VR Bike game and push it to the limit until you hear the screech of tires skidding on tarmac as the rear wheel loses traction and you fight to regain control of your bike.Don't expect any other VR Bike or other VR bike racing game when you're playing and enjoying VR Bike Championship. The bike model you start out with is pretty basic in this VR game. As you progress, you'll get better, more powerful motorbikes from virtual purchasing shop. Select your monster bike from huge range of motorbikes. Experience the

To keep things interesting, VR Bike Championship offers various modes and options in bike champion ship arena. There are two racing challenges,VR Moto Racing Championship mode and VR Knockout bike racing mode. There are many other options about game play, you can set difficulty of racing challenge by changing No. of opponents bikers, and by changing No. of laps. There are more than 5 closed loop next generation racing tracks.

In VR Bike Championship, Bike handling is superb, as for playability, Sports Bike Championship is not especially difficult to control, as long as you get used to a somewhat strange UI combination. Easy to get into, and the controls can be managed by even the very young.

VR Bike Championship is an accurate representation of the Superbike real racing challenge and offer the most realistic motorcycle racing game experience on mobile in VR. If you love motorcycle racing games in VR and are craving a bit of real action and thrill, VR Bike Championship should definitely be your next move.

Let's enjoy VR bike racing in superbike racing style.

How to Play:
- Insert your device into VR Glasses or Headset
- Tilt your head to steer the bike

- Family Friendly motorbike racing game in VR
- Real superbike vr racing game
- Huge range of riding options
- Accessible for beginners
- Maximum control flexibility
- Enhanced physics engine
- Detailed environments with many variations

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