VR Cinema Moon Theater
Note: Only one ad for each launch. So it will not disturb your VR experience in the middle. Thanks

Steps to use the VR Moon Theater.
1) After installing app from the Play store. App will detect all the videos from your mobile.

2) Use Head mount cursor to select the options and enjoy.

Tips For Drift Issue:

1) Before watching the movie place the device for 15 seconds on flat ground.

2) Samsung Mobile users can call *#0*# and go to sensors select Gyro and place it on flat ground and press test to PASS.

Features in VR Moon Theater:

1) Easy to control menu items.(View the Option and Click Select).

2) Re-center View by just pulling magnet or touch.

3) Compatible for both Google Cardboard versions.

4) Optimized performance.

5) Device heating is reduced.