VR Horse
Feel like a horse!
Run around the area and play with other Horse.

This app can be used with VR Headsets like the Cardboard, Homido, Durovis Dive (https://www.durovis.com/dive.html), Refugio3D (http://www.refugio3d.net/), VReye GO (http://vrelia.com/vreyego/),
Samsung Gear, or StooksyVR (http://www.stooksy.com/).

You can switch between a 3D mode (use on evrey smartphone without VR Headset), or VR Mode (stereoskopic view).

In VR Mode you need a bluetooth controller (recommended is the snakebyte idroid:con (http://www.snakebyte-europe.com/en/container-produkte/products/android/idroidcon/)), or bluetooth keyboard.
Please use keyboard mapping on your to controller. Otherwise your controller may not work propper.
I you are using a keyboard or 3rd party controller the keybindings for horse speech are "j" and "k".

Enjoy your horse life!