VR Secret Agent Robbery Escape
An ex US army commando named commander Dex Roger immediately get hired by the American Police secret service & appointed as anti-terrorist squad chief to encounter city bank robbers & criminal’s mafia gangsters. Now let’s experience the thrill of commando secret agent shooting in VR game, Virtual Reality is more than real world because it’s digital 3d VR Device app not a cardboard goggles snapshots. Virtual reality game we are providing VR Box app version of commando secret agent shooting game just take a look on enemy and in the next split of seconds enemy will on ground with their own blood. VR Headset shooting combat is offline first person shooting action game that is all about shooting and rescue bank hostages. US Special Police Department confirmed you to join their squad and trained you to become a police spy agent with ghost steeling & killing skills to eliminate criminals & terrorists from city. You sometimes need be hidden yourself behind the darkness and stealth your way through highly secured areas & many times you have to use your army sharpshooter skills. As a trained spy agent you can also be asked to neutralize the situation and rescue innocent people in city bank building.

An underworld mafia terrorist group has taken control of city bank located south of the Miami. Mafia gangster squad is heavily equipped with automatic weapons. You just received a call from an undercover Police spy about the criminal activity at the city bank. Seeking vengeance against this underworld mafia and eliminating the terrorist crime in VR Device game. An ultimate action packed shooting VR App game with stealth, spy, shooting & mafia criminal gods arrest adventures story. It’s a main duty to help the city NY police officers to operate this impossible rescue mission and eliminate all mafia gangsters from the city bank. A 3D VR 360 shooting game against the mafia, gangsters and subway criminals. Reach the city bank and plan impossible rescue mission against the terrorist & underworld mafia gangsters. The gangsters are over the place so be careful with the rescue mission to save the hostages and kill the city criminals. Once you are near the city bank clear the area from the entrance, kill the gangster guarding the bank vault and rescue the hostages from the lobby. Extreme crime in the city won’t stop until you eliminate the underworld mafia criminal gods. Extreme attraction of environment through VR glasses and adventure mission based challenges now in virtual reality show.

Virtual Reality Gameplay begins with you taking out a couple of gangsters as a spy agent and getting armed. Rescue the keys to the vault and start your secret agent duty. Stealth spy, gun shooting, taking out robbers, protecting the cash and hostage rescue mission. Professional robbers have planned a new robbery and secret agency have reported a robbery. Play this newest grand bank robbery escape VR game and don’t let the robbers plot runaway. Seek vendetta by killing criminals. Enter