PsychFi Labs
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The ‘Google Cardboard” Viewer and #HackThePlanet App open a VR portal into an immersive cyberdelic parallel universe inspired by the Anniversary’s of cyberpunk composer Simon Boswell (Ashens & The Quest For The Game Child, Burn:Cycle, Drug Bust Doody) and the geek cult classic ‘Hackers’. The cyber flick that blazed the way for Hipsters, YouTube, EDM, Memes & Global Hacking.

Experience for the first time the exclusive in App #HackThePlanet Lo-Fi and dirty redux track by ‘Revenge of Calculon’ & ‘Simon Boswell’. This electro mind-melting experience uses early experimental samples and code, that never made it into Simon’s ‘Hackers’ EDM soundtrack, and recently discovered on a yellow PsychFi floppy disc.

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